"We're a Rock band from New York"

A four-piece band hailing from New York, Sound of a Smirk uses quiet croons, harsh yells and pungent lyrics mixed with smooth rhythm chords to display honest songwriting. Adding the quick-handed, pulsing, and pounding drum beats to the soaring and sometimes cutting leads to the filling and grooving bass, you can feel yourself sink into a sonic landscape coated in whole-hearted vocals.

Jesse - Vocals/Guitar

Mark - Bass

Nick - Drums

Tyler - Guitar



Their most recent release from March 11th, 2014 was described by a passionate listener as such: "From the opening track "..." of "Old Heart, New Love" there's a subtle softness to Sound of a Smirk's music, something heard behind just the guitar and vocals, but quickly when the rest of the band rushes in the sound explodes into a wall of passion as vocals soar and yell, drums pound and plush, cutting through the noise, and the lead guitar penetrates sound barriers you wouldn't expect. From then on Sound of a Smirk's Sophomore album uses dynamics to keep you guessing where they will go next. With the softer acoustic tracks "Tearing Out the Stitch", "Altered Beast", "Crossed T's, Dotted I's", "Love is Shelter", and "Unexpectations" they bring the folk side of their first record back but with subtle twists with drums or lead guitar spicing up the song writing. But the newest fair for Sound of a Smirk is the full rock band sound they bring to the table especially apparent in songs like "Shed Off Old Skin" "Treat Me" "Headache" and album closer "Force Majeure". This may seem like a constant progressive thread for former singer-songwriters to do, but these songs and more truly let the Brand New-esque influences of Sound of a Smirk shine through. From start to finish the album is a simple story of love lost, love found, and seemingly love lost again through a series of introspective lyrics and sometimes seemingly blatant letters to loved ones."


Photographer: Jess Ascone - Framework Photography

Band: Sound of a Smirk