"We're a Rock band from New York"

A rock band hailing from New York, Sound of a Smirk uses quiet croons, harsh yells and pungent lyrics mixed with smooth rhythm chords to display honest songwriting. Adding the quick-handed, pulsing, and pounding drum beats to the soaring and sometimes cutting leads to the filling and grooving bass, you can feel yourself sink into a sonic landscape coated in whole-hearted vocals.

Jesse - Vocals/Guitar

Mark - Bass

Nick - Drums



They recently released their 3rd full record, "Grow, Apart." and found a new leg of fans through some coverage with AlternativePress magazine and other online publications. Alternative Press even had this to say of the new record,  "Sparse, dark indie rock that begins subdued, but soon builds to choruses that break free and quite simply erupt. Don't let the soft guitars fool you: Once this beast gets going, there's no stopping it." This record's incarnation had 3 hard years of writing, 2 of those years refining, and 1 full year recording, but ended up being something that Mark, Nick, and Jesse could all call their own and truly be proud of. Now in their live shows, their sound is expanding to points far beyond the original three's reach.



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